The courage of our convictions

We’re proud to admit it: we come to work every day with a chip on our shoulder. Since day one we’ve been a company with a cause, fiercely committed to helping our customers take back control of their network, from their product lifecycle to support and third-party network maintenance.

Everything we do—procuring refurbished Cisco equipment, testing, network analysis, consulting and third-party server maintenance—is focused on helping you make the right decisions for all the right reasons. We will continue to push the envelope in pursuit of the cause. Yeah, we’ve got a big chip on our shoulder. That’s your edge.

Built on Passion – Driven by Value

We are fierce advocates for our clients, dedicated to helping them realize the full potential of their networks. Our story is your story.

Experienced and Lean

Our passion is matched by the technical expertise and industry experience of our people. Nobody works harder to help you squeeze more productivity and value from your network hardware.

Quality Throughout

From procurement and testing to providing a Cisco SmartNet alternative, Edgeium guarantees the quality you need to extend your product lifecycle while maximizing uptime.

We eat, sleep and breathe this stuff

Every day, you fight for your network and enterprise, determined to make it as effective and efficient as possible. You’re not alone.

From purchasing and product guidance to third-party server maintenance, Edgeium’s people stand shoulder-to-shoulder beside you. Our industry expertise and front-line experience enable you to make every penny count and squeeze more productivity out of your network.

80% of total IT costs occur after the initial purchase.

-Gartner, Inc.

Proactive and vendor-neutral

We come to work every day committed to working harder so that you can work smarter. That means having a
clear understanding of where you are, where you’re going and how changes in the industry affect your technology roadmap. We work with you to outline all your hardware options—refurbished Cisco equipment, current and
even next gen if it makes sense. Together we strategize a best-fit plan that includes procurement, maintenance
and support.

Technically savvy

Regardless of our job, every Edgeium professional is a gearhead. Every member of the technical support team is CCIE-certified and is fluent in Dell, HP, EMC, Cisco SmartNet and other OEM languages. More than knowing their existing portfolio inside and out, we understand their technology roadmaps. We help you optimize your current network performance while plotting the best path forward.

Globally Positioned

With on-call teams in more than 50 countries, Edgeium is wherever you need us. So, you get 24/7 CCIE-certified support in more than 20 languages. From Baltimore to Bangkok to Barcelona, Edgeium is globally positioned and passion driven to ensure you make the right decisions for all the right reasons.

Gain insight with our industry leading Maintenance Analysis:

  • Contract Consolidation and Negotiation
  • Self-Sparing Analysis
  • Remaining Life Expectancy of Current Assets Analysis
  • End of Sale Analysis (EoS)
  • EoS Replacement Hardware Analysis with functionality/feature breakdown compared to your current estate
  • Software Analysis (Perpetual vs Subscription, Access to IOS Updates without SMARTnet)
Local presence and global reach

From our headquarters in Farmers Branch, TX, Edgeium is strategically located close to a majority of our North American customer base. This enables us to get to know our customers individually and understand exactly what they need and why.
Our fully equipped facility allows us to keep much of our critical quality functions in-house. Capabilities include full load and port testing, distribution and kitting, logistics, asset tagging and technical call support.

At the same time, our location just outside Dallas, TX means we are one travel day from 98% of the world, enabling us to extend our personalized service to Edgeium’s growing international customers as well.