IP Phones

Know What You Need?

Get the right hardware

As a vendor-neutral partner, Edgeium helps you decide, find and maintain the used network hardware that works for you. Our procurement network includes—but isn’t limited to—the major OEMs, channel partners and even other Edgeium customers. We’re 3rd-party planning and sourcing specialists.

Increase your agility

Your time is tight, and the windows of opportunity are even tighter. Edgeium keeps you nimble. Need a quote? We’ll get back to you within an hour, guaranteed. Need a more flexible SMARTnet alternative? How about guaranteed next-day replacements, 4-hour replacements or even on-site spares?

Minimize your risk

Any purchase involves risks; by understanding your vision and risk tolerance, Edgeium helps you better manage it. With bold commitments like our unique Lifetime Warranty, we provide the confidence to run wide open, knowing that Edgeium’s got your back. Learn more

Current and Previous Gen

Sometimes there are great reasons to adopt next-gen technology, other times it just makes sense to maintain what you’ve got or purchase tested and proven preowned network equipment. Our job is to help you choose your best solution, then maintain it in order to maximize its service life and value. Either way, Edgeium is committed to providing exactly what you need. No more—no less.

Certified Performance

100% of Edgeium’s used network hardware is tested and certified to meet all OEM specifications prior to being sold.

Proactive Maintenance

Take advantage of our proactive maintenance and responsive support and save up to 70% on your annual OEM maintenance contract, compared to Cisco SMARTnet.

Cisco IP Phones

Varying models allows you to choose the best product for your deployment
Cisco IP Phones
Cisco IP Phones
Cisco IP Phones
Cisco IP Phones
CP-8811-K9 CP-8961-WL-K9 CP-6821-3PW-NA-K9
CP-8811-K9 CP-7821-K9 CP-6841-3PW-NA-K9
CP-8811-W-K9 CP-7821-W-K9 CP-6851-3PW-NA-K9
CP-8821-K9 CP-7832-K9 CP-6861-3PW-NA-K9
CP-8821-K9 CP-7832-W-K9 CP-6871-3PW-NA-K9
CP-8821-K9-BUN CP-7841-K9 CP-6901-C-K9
CP-8831-K9 CP-7841-W-K9 CP-6901-C-K9
CP-8832-K9 CP-7861-K9 CP-6901-CL-K9
CP-8832-K9 CP-7861-W-K9 CP-6901-CL-K9
CP-8832-W-K9 CP-7915 CP-6901-W-K9
CP-8832-W-K9 CP-7916 CP-6901-W-K9
CP-8841-K9 CP-7921G-W-K9 CP-6901-WL-K9
CP-8841-W-K9 CP-7925G-A-K9 CP-6901-WL-K9
CP-8845-K9 CP-7925G-E-K9 CP-6911-C-K9
CP-8845-W-K9 CP-7925G-EX-K9 CP-6911-CL-K9
CP-8851-K9 CP-7925G-P-K9 CP-6911-W-K9
CP-8851-W-K9 CP-7925G-W-K9 CP-6911-WL-K9
CP-8861-K9 CP-7926G-W-K9 CP-6921-C-K9
CP-8861-W-K9 CP-7931G CP-6921-CL-K9
CP-8865-K9 CP-7942G CP-6921-W-K9
CP-8865-W-K9 CP-7945G CP-6921-WL-K9
CP-8800-A-KEM CP-7962G CP-6941-C-K9
CP-8800-V-KEM CP-7965G CP-6941-CL-K9
CP-8941-K9 CP-7975G CP-6941-W-K9
CP-8941-L-K9 CP-6941-W-K9
CP-8945-K9 CP-6945-C-K9
CP-8945-L-K9 CP-6945-CL-K9
CP-8961-C-A-K9 CP-6945-W-K9
CP-8961-C-K9 CP-6945-WL-K9
CP-8961-CL-K9 CP-6961-C-K9
CP-8961-W-A-K9 CP-6961-CL-K9
CP-8961-W-K9 CP-6961-W-K9
CP-8961-WL-K9 CP-6961-WL-K9