How Much Can You Save?


CovrEdge is Your competitive edge.

It’s maintenance renewal time. What do you add? What comes off? What do you have?

Have you ever heard from your OEM that using another maintenance product other than their own is a bad idea? Ever heard that you cannot use an alternative at all?

The simple fact is that you can, and here are a few reasons why you might want to:

When it comes to equipment up-time, minor differences become huge. Five 9s availability translates to 5.26 minutes of downtime per year, but at 99.95% it jumps to 4.3 hours a year.

Reduce Annual Maintenance Costs 60-70%

CovrEdge is a flexible SMARTnet alternative that streamlines contract management, lowers recurring costs, and supports your network as it is, not as the OEM wants it to be. Try our Maintenance Savings Calculator


CCIE Support. Every Ticket. Every Time

Every service ticket under CovrEdge is assigned to a CCIE from the beginning of every issue.

Customized Contract Terms and SLAs

Let us help you design a maintenance strategy based on your specific environment. Need coverage for just 1 month? No problem. Need to change SLA on the fly? Just let us know.

Global CovrEdge

Global support and service providing last mile delivery and assistance 365 days a year.

140 countries
700+ depots worldwide
250+ global partners
2Mil+ systems supported

Edgeium is ready to respond, wherever you are.

Global Coverage Heat Map

CovrEdge Analysis

In-depth data about your unique network, including:

  • 5 and 10 Year Savings – a plan to reduce your SMARTnet expenses, including a model for CAPEX savings that is a result from deferring upgrades.
  • Remaining Life Expectancy- using OEM-provided MTBF data, we’ll show you where your gear sits on the obsolescence timeline
  • EoS – End of Sale, End of SW Support, and End of Life data for all assets.
  • Replacement Hardware- We’ll compare the performance and feature differences between your current inventory and the upgrades the OEM is pushing.
  • Software – Identifies the hardware platforms that allow IOS updates without SMARTnet, and those where IOS is no longer in development.

We flex in ways OEMs can’t

We know what happens when support providers become too large. You’re forced to bend to their will, when it should be the other way around. We’re lean and agile by design. When it comes to maintenance contract terms, we’re more than happy to clarify the rules for your greater good.

Need a one-month contract on a new piece of preowned network equipment, just long enough to sync up with another end date? No problem.
How about a five-year contract on a switch you plan to hang on to beyond the OEM’s EOS date? No sweat.
Want to align multiple co-term contracts so that they all end on the same date? Okay.
Need to support multiple SLAs within a single contract? Say the word.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: you’ve got enough to worry about.

Let Edgeium lighten your load.

Case Study

Growing Insurance Company Enlists Edgeium to Handle Their Support Contracts

A leading insurance company had reason to celebrate. It was growing, both organically and through acquisitions, and profits were increasing. With growth, however, came challenges: The IT team found it next to impossible to get a comprehensive view of the maintenance coverage for all their Cisco assets. They called on Edgeium to sort things out.

Case Study Cover

Lower OpEx

Reduce annual maintenance spending by 60-70% with the right suite of services as defined by your business requirements.

Streamline your network

Get the facts you need to simplify and consolidate your network maintenance strategy.

Verify your purchase strategy

Our CovrEdge presents you with options for maximizing savings, performance and ease of management.