Our customers depend on us to match their IT needs with current or previous gen equipment that will extend their product lifecycle beyond the typical 3-5 years mandated by the OEMs. In order to guarantee that level of performance, Edgeium has developed some of the most stringent quality guidelines among hardware resellers. Simply speaking: our success depends on it.


Edgeium maintains a substantial inventory of switches, routers, servers and optics. Inventory decisions are based on market conditions. Our hardware comes from Edgeium channel providers as well existing customers who have decided to upgrade. Often and for various reasons, the hardware was never even unboxed, let alone deployed.


Regardless of where or how it comes to use, every piece of equipment is thoroughly inspected and tested before being logged in to our inventory. The process begins with a physical inspection by Cisco-certified technicians who check for any physical damage, wear or defect.

Components that pass physical inspection are subjected to a battery of performance tests. Edgeium tests every port (10M to 100G), processor, memory module and drive. Those that pass our performance tests are guaranteed to meet 100% of the manufacturer’s specifications. In the final step, all system configuration files are wiped clean.

Testing of optical transceivers is even more rigorous. Before any optical component can be accepted it must pass a TX Power Calibration, RX Power Calibration, Eye Diagram, DOM functionality, and Sensitivity/Bit Error Rate (BER) test.

Lifetime Warranty

The result of Edgeium’s careful procurement, testing and certification process is our unique Lifetime Warranty. It guarantees advanced replacement of any piece of equipment for as long as the customer owns the product.

Why Edgeium does not offer refurbished equipment

With solid-state components, if a piece of hardware doesn’t fail initially it almost never will. So, refurbished implies hardware that is inherently defective, and the supplier has either fixed or swapped out a board level component.

Edgeium refuses to condone this practice. If a piece of hardware doesn’t pass our testing, it is e-wasted. And we will never cannibalize non-working parts to make a working one.

Gain insight with our industry leading Maintenance Analysis:

  • Contract Consolidation and Negotiation
  • Self-Sparing Analysis
  • Remaining Life Expectancy of Current Assets Analysis
  • End of Sale Analysis (EoS)
  • EoS Replacement Hardware Analysis with functionality/feature breakdown compared to your current estate
  • Software Analysis (Perpetual vs Subscription, Access to IOS Updates without SMARTnet)